Works on Paper
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I'm a scientist by profession and an artist for the sheer pleasure of it.

As a scientist, I hold a doctorate in the ecology of freshwater wetlands.  I am interested in what happens as water moves through the landscape, and how this movement alters the water, the earth, and the things that live on our earth. 

As an artist, it's been a process of self discovery: a few workshops, a lot of looking and thinking, and many hours in the studio figuring out what works.  I am intrigued by how water, colors, and the shapes they make can change as the water moves across the page. 

My understanding of the natural world is part of who I am and inevitably informs my art: the contrasts between order/entropy, change/stasis, defined/evanescent, and the complexity that can exist within what seems at first so simple.

The tensions between these opposing states are what intrigue me, both in what I see as I explore the outside world and what happens in the studio.  It's all endlessly fascinating.

Note:  the colors of the actual works are much more vivid and subtle than those shown because of the limitations of the website.

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